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How to Apply Bead Nail Art

There are many different methods and special decorations used to create nail art. One way to add something different and decorative to your nails is with nail beads. Nail beads come in different colors and sizes, and are made with a variety of materials. You can use tiny glass bead, steel beads, and even crystal glitter beads to make your nails sparkle like diamonds. With the right techniques and some creativity, you can use these beads to create your own nail art designs.


  1. Paint your nails the color you want, or a paint a design as a guide to help you place the beads. For example, you can emphasize the tips of your nails by doing French tips, or you can even do polka dots by dotting the tip of the brush in different areas. Let the first color dry and then apply a clear top coat.
  2. Brush a little clear nail polish in the area you want to place the beads. Pick up the beads in small clusters by dipping the end of a toothpick into the container of beads. Place the beads onto the nail where you want them.
  3. Arrange the beads into a more specific design with the toothpick. Let them sit for a minute so the clear polish can dry. Brush over another thin coat of clear to seal and protect the beads.

How to Do Magazine Nail Art

Your personal style is one way that you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement about who you are. Nails are an often overlooked opportunity to add to your personal style. Sure, you might choose unique colors to paint your nails, you might decide to don a French manicure, you might even have designs painted on your nails at the nail salon, but have you ever used words and pictures from magazines to decorate your nails? If you haven’t, then you should give it a try–it is a great way to show off a little bit of your personality, and it isn’t too terribly difficult to do.

Prepping Your Nails

  1. Remove any nail polish that you have on your nails with nail polish remover and cotton swabs.
  2. Trim your nails if necessary and file the edges and any rough spots on the top of your nail.
  3. Push your cuticles back. You can do this with your fingernails or with a cuticle tool, if you have one.

Finding Your Nail Art

  1. Begin looking through old magazines for words and/or pictures that are small enough to fit on your nails. The words can be put on the nail at an angle to make it easier to find words that will fit.
  2. Cut the words and/or pictures that you like that will fit on your nail out and set them to the side.
  3. Make sure that you cut out enough words and/or pictures for all of your nails plus a few more just in case some get ruined while you try to place them on your nail or you find that they don’t fit.

Applying the Nail Art

  1. Begin by painting two coats of whatever color your would like on your nails. Make sure that you allow the first coat of the colored nail polish to dry completely before applying the second coat.
  2. Apply the words and/or pictures that you have chosen onto your nails while the second coat of color is still tacky. Using tweezers to help you to position the little pieces of paper will make this process easier, and pushing the pieces down with toothpicks will allow you to tack them on to your nail without smudging the surrounding polish.
  3. Paint a clear top coat on all of your nails carefully so as not to pull of the decals that you have just put down. You can use the toothpicks to get ride of any air bubbles that you may find under the decals during this process.
  4. Paint another layer of top coat on all of your nails if you feel it’s necessary, but only after the first layer of top coat has dried completely.

Nerd Costume Ideas

Nerd Costume Ideas

Find you calculator, it’s time to get nerdy. Nerd costumes are perfect for parties and Halloween when you want a simple but charming outfit. Putting a nerd ensemble together really is easy and requires a lot less brain power than calculus. So next time you’re thinking about being smart, choose to look smart too.


  • Pick a patterned pair of pants or button-down shirt. The best patterns are stripes or plaid in fun colors. If you choose to have crazy pants, stick to a white button-down shirt. If a patterned shirt is more your nerdy taste, keep the pants a solid color. A sweater vest is also a great geeky piece to consider. Wear the pants high up on your waist; your socked ankles should show for maximum effect. Keep your shirt buttoned all the way up and tucked into your pants.


  • Two accessories are mandatory for a nerd costume: a belt and taped glasses. Get creative with the tape placement, in the middle and on the corner both look great. A tie is also a great accessory. A bow tie is classic nerd, but feel free to wear a different tie, as long as it is too short, too long, too thin or too wide. Extra nerd points for ridiculously patterned ties. Suspenders add flair and keep your pants hiked up to that perfect height. Pocket protectors and long socks also add a certain something to the nerd attire.


  • To go full nerd, you’ll have to invest in a bottle of hair gel. Either part your hair on the side, or slick it straight back. Either way, it should be plastered to your head like a shiny helmet. Curve your shoulders inward and slouch when you stand and walk. If you have height on your side, use it. Stick out your stomach and keep your thumbs in your waste band. Make conversation in a nasally, high-pitched voice. Look as buck-toothed as possible.

How to Choose High Quality Women’s Clothing

Women walking with hands full of shopping bags.
Just because a woman’s garment is expensive, doesn’t mean that it is high quality. It’s important to identify high-quality garments that are seasonless, versatile and well made before you make a purchase. It’s also crucial to read the fabric care label for hints on how expensive it is to clean and maintain.

Consider the Fabric

  • If you want an item to last, invest in natural fibers such as 100-percent cotton, silk, cashmere and linen. You can buy high-quality rayons, polyesters and nylons, but make sure that these fabrics are not too stiff or shiny. If the material is too sheer when you hold it up to the light, or it feels rough to the touch, it will look cheap on your body and may not last beyond a few washings.

Mind the Details

  • Check the lining, buttons, zipper, hems and stitching for high-quality clues. An expensive lining feels good on your skin and helps the garment hang correctly. Look for straight seams that are beautifully finished, feature topstitching and are turned under neatly. After a few gentle tugs, the buttons should stay put and the zipper should open and close easily. If you turn the item inside out and can see that the item is coming apart at the seams, this is an indication the garment is not high-quality.

Invest in Versatile Closet Basics

  • Fashion expert Jill Martin recommends that shoppers put their money toward well-fitting, high-quality basics instead of buying trendy and often disposable fast-fashions. To get more mileage out of your clothing, invest first in fashion staples, such as cashmere sweaters, a trench coat, a little black dress, an all-season wool suit and a winter coat.

Designer Clothing Clues

  • The types of women’s clothing lines range from high-end haute couture and pret-a-porter to lower-end contemporary, bridge and mass market. In comparison to the other clothing categories, pret-a-porter and haute couture offer higher quality garments because of the designers’ use of high-quality fabrics and a greater attention to the fashion details.

Cost Per Wear

  • Cost-per-wear is a shopping term, which considers the total cost of the garment divided by the number of days of you’ll wear it annually. For example, if you buy a $500 black suit — and plan to wear it once a week to the office for the next six months — the cost-per-wear is $20.83. By factoring in the low cost-per-wear of the suit, you’ve identified a well-made piece of clothing that deserves a permanent place in your wardrobe.

How to Buy Name Brand Clothes At Cheap Prices

Want to purchase designer clothes like Coogi, Black Label, Evisu, and Polo at discount prices. Well look no farther, I will show you how to find the best prices on the clothing brands you love.


  1. Shop on Craigslist. You can find clothes that people are trying to sell for very cheap prices. Make sure you can see the picture of the article you are trying to buy before purchasing.
  2. Try shopping at flea markets or stores that sell clothing in bulk or aren’t known as nationwide stores. These types of stores usually carry name brand clothes at very low prices compared to department stores or the mall.
  3. Consider ordering your clothes from web sites associated with China. Most of our clothing comes from China and it does not cost much to produce clothing over there. Their prices will be much more worth the price.
  4. Next, look for clothing articles that family or friends may be trying to sell. Ask around with people you know. You may be able to find cheap name brand clothes this way.
  5. Lastly, do your clothes shopping on EBay. You can find competitive deals on here from reputable sellers.

How to Do Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs

Want to make nail art designs? Making nail art can be fun, and nail art designs are wonderful for festive or special occasions. Though it may be difficult at first, have patience and you’ll see some progress. This article is focused on the basics of nail art for beginners.


  1. Make sure your nails are in good shape before you start making nail art designs. Cut or file your nails if they need it. Also, remove any old nail polish currently on your nails. Nail Care Plus (found in the Resources section) is a great Nail Care Kit that will help you shape your nails, getting that perfect manicure and pedicure. Seacret (also in the Resources section) is another great nail care kit that will give your nails the right nutrients they need to keep healthy. Read more on how to keep your nails healthy in the Related Articles section.
    Use a nail care kit
  2. Decide what nail art products and nail art supplies you are going to use. You can opt to go with nail art pens or brushes. Debra Lynn’s Nail Art Brush set (found in the Resources section) has a nice collection of nail art brushes you could use. It’s also a good idea to look through your nail polish and choose your colors before you begin drawing the designs.
    Use nail art brushes
  3. Decide what you want your nail art designs to look like. You can make up your own nail art designs or go with professional nail art. You can even follow my flower nail art guide located in the Related Articles section. Whatever you do is up to you.
    Choose your nail art designs
  4. Brush on a base coat with a nail art brush. This base coat can be clear, a neutral color, or a solid color. You can also add another coat to your base coat to strengthen the color. After you’re done, let your nails dry.
    Brush on a base coat
  5. Roll your nail art brush in the nail polish and make sure that the nail polish is evenly distributed on the brush. You don’t want gobs of nail polish messing up your work. If you’re a beginner at making nail art designs, keep them simple. Don’t make your designs look too busy. Once you’re done, let your nails dry before proceeding.
    Keep your nail art designs simple
  6. Protect your new nail art designs with a top clear nail polish coat. Reapply the clear coat every two or three days and be careful when opening cans of soda, exercising, and doing other tasks that might damage your hard work. You should also wear gloves when playing with soil or doing outside work.
    Protect your nail art designs

How to Open a Clothing Business With Brand Names

Helping people look great also helps them feel great.
If you have a flair for fashion and love the idea of working in the fashion industry, owning your own clothing store might be the right move. People who follow fashion trends buy high-profile brand names because of a brand’s familiarity and appeal to vanity. Open a clothing business and stock it with the most popular brand names and your own love for fashion can transform you into an entrepreneur.

How to Open a Clothing Business With Brand Names

  1. Handle state and county legal requirements first. Obtain a business license and a reseller’s permit if required by your county. To protect your personal assets from your store assets, set up as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC or as an S or C corporation. Consult your county clerk or a tax accountant about the best option for your business.
  2. Find your place in the marketplace. According to Laura Tiffany of Entrepreneur Magazine, “Specializing, or finding your niche in this business, is crucial to your success.” Review potential customer demographics and decide what market needs you can meet. For example, the American Apparel and Footwear Association discovered that “Purchases of women’s footwear is by far the largest category of U.S. consumption.” Their report showed that American consumers bought 20.1 billion garments in 2007, including 2.4 billion pairs of shoes.
  3. Attend money management courses. The Small Business Administrative has documented how most small businesses fail because of money management issues, whether through miscalculating necessary start-up funding or over-spending on dead-end advertising strategies. Learn strategies to manage your money and make better financial decisions.
  4. Secure financing. You will need enough funds to remodel your location, stock your store and pay for employees and expenses for the first year. An investment of $250,000 is the industry standard for small establishments, according to the National Retail Federation, but you can open a retail store with less money. Leslie Wexner opened the first The Limited store with just $5,000 he borrowed from an aunt, according to Inc. magazine.
  5. Choose the best location for your store. You can sell exclusively online, open a store in a trendy neighborhood or choose a combination of both. The ideal physical location will have ample space to display clothing, lots of foot traffic and ample parking
  6. Negotiate a realistic lease deal. It’s possible your concept may not work so avoid a lease longer than two or three years. You can always renegotiate when your business takes off. If you must accept a longer lease, work out a sub-lease option so you can lease the space to someone else if your business does not thrive.
  7. Buy your brand name clothes from a reputable wholesaler. You can try to contact brand manufacturers directly but most often they will refer you to a third party dealer. It’s easier for brands to work with one or two dealers than with thousands of boutiques, but they can recommend good wholesalers.
  8. Hire employees with retail experience to reduce training costs and time. Choose fashion conscious workers who will dress in style and represent the type of clothing you sell. Customers will have more confidence in their advice. .
  9. Develop a customer interaction strategy. Upscale clothing stores often pamper their clients with lattes and other refreshments. Create an concept that will enhance your customer’s shopping experience.
  10. Market to your target demographic. Go to places your preferred customers spend their time and pass out catalogs and fliers that can introduce them to your store. Produce a low-budget commercial and buy advertising time with local television stations. Buy ad space in local print publications to get your name and store location in front of your prospects.