The Streetwear Brands Breaking The Mould

In case you missed it, Kanye West is a designer now. That means that streetwear – once confined to the actual streets and urban scene – has fully infiltrated men’s luxury fashion and is changing it from the inside out.

Givenchy has long kitted out prominent hip hop stars, but which brands are doing something new at ground level? Behold, these more affordable labels that are taking the sector back to its humble roots.

The Footwear Brand: Spalwart

Spalwart is making the same trainers they always have, with all the same moulds and machinery that were used back in the 1950s.

Specialising in minimal, Chuck Taylor-esque low and high tops, as well as traditional running silhouettes, the Swedish brand is set to become your go-to for everyday sneakers that don’t cost the earth.

But that’s not all. Due the vintage production methods used and the Spalwart’s ‘incorporating mistakes’ philosophy, you’re certain to get a pair that’s full of character and completely unique to you.